How DevvMedia can help you as a Creator

Guaranteed Pay

With us, you can be sure you are getting paid as promised and companies honor their contracts, giving you less stress and more time to focus on creating your content.

Campaign Execution

All behind-the-scenes tasks are handled by us, from price negotiations to legal contracts to deliverable scheduling and payment.

Supportive Managers

You will be guided along the way by our team of managers and provided with advice and answers to any questions you may have.

Access to Exclusive Campaigns and Sponsorships

We have partnerships with some of the biggest music labels and brands from all around the world, so we can provide you with a frequent flow of paid deals and sponsorships.

Merch Partnership

Our merchandising team provides and fulfills all of the needs of our influencers. From fulfillment to manufacturing and distribution, we help you create designs that reflect your brand by working directly with you.

Content Monetization and Protection

Through our Content ID system, we are able to claim ad revenue from copyrighted video content republished across other social platforms. When we find a match, we claim the video and set the policy to monetize instead of removing it, meaning that instead of getting the video taken down, we receive the ad revenue earned from the video.

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